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Est. 2011

A little about me. 

Claudia Made This was dreamt up whilst I was still at Kingston University studying Graphic Design. I was keen to get back to Brighton and start my own business, so started working on some designs to sell at local fairs. Since graduation I have juggled my jewellery business with freelance design work, visual merchandising and becoming a mum in 2017. In 2020 Claudia Made This became my full focus (alongside looking after my 6 and 1 year old)! 

I sell my jewellery through Etsy and many shops in the UK and several internationally. My inspiration comes from a life-long fascination with jewellery, like a magpie I have always been drawn to shiny things. I have been developing and creating my own jewellery from Polymer clay for almost 12 years now and have seen the rise in the trend for statement wearable art.


I am passionate about creating jewellery that is captivating, tactile and most of all accessible. I personally feel you can never have too much choice when it comes to colour! 


Claudia Made This jewellery is all 100% handmade, so each piece is special. My designs are influenced by art and a love of graphic geometric shapes and bright colours and the 1980s Memphis Milano movement. 

To get in contact with Claudia for custom designs, wholesale enquiries or collaborations please email: 

 Claudia Made This jewellery was selected to be part of the Royal Academy of Art's RAted collection and also features in the MOSTYN Gallery, Ditchling Museum or Art +Craft, The Harley Gallery and The Wallace Collection as well as international galleries such as The Santa Barbara Museum of Modern Art.

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