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Claudia with her jewellery display
Ochre Curve Necklace
shell collection
ochre ammonite earrings
gold bar hoops
Claudia with her jewellery display
golden sun hoops
Olwen 9 bead necklace
Claudia Made This collection
Birdie 9 bead necklace with Geo drop studs
cobalt wiggle studs
cobalt statement curve necklace
mini metallic collection
Red curve necklace
Claudia Weatherley with her jewellery designs
cornflower mermaid hoops
basalt lever back earrings
Teal Cockle Shell earrings
cornflower blue nautilus shell studs
Daisy, cornflower blue and magenta 9 bead necklace
Cornflower and Khaki gold coin drop studs
Claudia Made This display
Mini iridescent resin studs set
Neon Pink curve necklace with matching studs
Curve necklace collection
Infinity Collection
I sell on etsy
Claudia with her Claudia Made This colllection
Claudia at the 2017 British Craft Trade Fair
Claudia at the BCTF
Pop Up Shop Brighton
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